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In the Spotlight: Atlanta Braves Future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones @realCJ10

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Chipper Jones. Personally the first thought that comes to mind is how much I despised Chipper throughout his long career. As a native Houstonian, Chipper Jones and Andrew Jones gave the Astros fits over the 90′s and in the playoffs year in and year out. I hated watching Astros games late in the season or in the playoffs when we knew we would be playing the best. Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones is one of the greatest power switch hitters that has ever played the game of baseball. As a natural right-handed hitter Chipper spent 4 years training himself with drills and extra swings to train himself to hit just as good left handed as he did right. As a result he would hit .300 from both sides of the plate throughout his career. Chipper not only hit for average but hit with power from both sides of the plate and in a stacked lineup that included Fred McGriff, and Andrew Jones. With the offense the Braves were bringing to their lineup every day its no wonder they reached the playoffs so often. On top of having one of the most dominant and consisting starting pitchers as well in Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, and John Smoltz all potential future Hall of Famers. My opinion is that Chipper will end up in the Hall of Fame one day when his time is due. Chipper had a great glove as well playing third base and even throwing out Houston Astros great in Biggio’s final career at bat which happened to be a ground ball to third base. The 2012 season Chipper Jones  spent each road trip as a farewell tour saying goodbye to all the stadiums that had he had been despised at by opposing teams for so many years. Do to the immense respect Chipper acccumlated over his career and despite him playing for the opposite team just about every city he visited he was presented with a unique gift by that team and given a standing ovations after standing ovation each at bat he had in that series.. His greatness and the standing ovations given by fans of opposing cities symbolize where he ranked in popularity and talent not only in the era he played in but how he ranks all time as a great player. I’m glad Chipper is finally hanging up his glove and cleats and it was a pleasure watching him for so many years.  Chipper Jones…one of the greats…What is your favorite Chipper Jones memory?

Chipper Jones…thank you!


Craig Biggio to the Hall of Fame! We Salute you!



Craig Biggio is set for the Hall of Fame. Growing up in Houston, Texas I had the privilege to witness a large part of his long tenured career in Houston. As one of the iconic players that spent his career with one team I salute him. Like Derek Jeter, Jeff Bagwell, Cal Ripken he grinded every day to be the best player he could be. When he was making the transition from second base to centerfield it was rumored he jogged 10 miles a day to get his legs ready for the long major league season. Biggio is a shoo in for the Hall of Fame and with 3,000 hits he almost concretes his name among the all-time greats. Aside from his baseball career he has set an astounding example as a great samaritan in not only Houston but in all of Major League Baseball. A friend of mine worked at the Wellsfargo bank inside the Randall’s grocery store and said Biggio would come in and do his banking and was the nicest guy. Some athletes fame and fortune often turns them into a hot head, not Biggio, every interaction I’ve heard of with the guy has been nothing but positive. Biggio deserves his bid for the Hall of Fame and as a Houston fan I hope he gets elected along with Jeff Bagwell whom he played most of his career alongside. Biggio, one of the games greatest lead off hitters of the 90′s era and a Houston sports icon. God Bless you Craig!!! Go Astros!!!