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Bullpen Domination=Power Hitting Success


swinging a bat

Power hitting isn’t just about the strength of the hitter but more so the successful hand eye coordination combining at the precise moment with the bat and ball at a point of contact equal to catapult the baseball a particular distance. There are several factors that come into play which would contribute to the success of hitting a home run such as wind, fence distance, and whomever the particular outfielder is who is willing to miss the ball and let it bounce off his head and land over the fence (Canseco ;) .

Jose Canseco #33

Success in hitting for power though is more determined by bat speed which can only be improved through high numbers of repetitions of swinging a bat the right way. The particular path of the bat has the highest likelihood of contact the quicker the bat is drawn into the hitting zone and once there, the length of time the swing remains on a level path through contact of the ball and beyond. An analysis of the duties of each arm would be of the front arm of the hitter pulling the bat straight down into the strike zone, and secondly with the duties of the back arm to be punching the bat through the strike zone all while leading with the hips the knob of the ball straight toward the path of the ball. The only way to ensure proper hand eye coordination is to make sure that as the hips rotate that front foot strike has happened and been maintained and that the head and eye position has not changed. Please subscribe to this blog for more information and instruction on power hitting success and tips for success.


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Adam Wainwright Pitching Analysis [Phases of Pitching Delivery]

adam wainright


adam wainright pitching


Author: Justin T. Higgs

Adam Wainwright has been one of the best starting pitchers for the St. Louis Cardinals the last couple years. Above pictured are phases of his delivery which will be identified below.

  •  In the top right picture you can see that as Adam is in the “stretch” position he is in an ATHLETIC POSITION . This is a position in which he is essentially balanced and ready to begin his pitching process. In this position Adam is preparing mentally where he wants his pitch to be in the strike zone as well as what grip he will be using as he pitches the ball.
  • Next Adam exhales from a deep breath and begins to lift his front leg up as high as he can without offsetting his balance. Balance here is very important as Adam picks up his target in his line of vision and begins the first step of linear direction toward the hitter. As he leads his hip toward home plate into about a 4 inch free fall his back knee also transitions forward toward the direction of the batter beginning the next phase of delivery which is his strike and triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip horizontally toward home plate.
  • Adam’s momentum with his lower body is now triple extending toward home play while as his momentum leg is going down, he leads momentum leg with his heal as far as he can towards the hitter, eventually landing sideways with front foot strike.
  • Adam’s upper body as his heal leaves his center towards home also aims to get back to balance and his lead glove arm extends toward his target while his throwing arm creates the “POWER T” behind in either a straight or cocked position with his thumb pointing down.
  • As the body reaches front foot strike and opposite and equal extension of the upper body the back hip begins to rotate which causes hip rotation to trigger the throwing arm leading with the elbow into a position to throw the ball.
  • Its important that the lead elbow remain on the catcher and target for where the ball is going to be thrown and that the pitchers eyes also remain on target as the body rotates to throw. The front foot stays where its at but the body rotates fully and the throwing arm releases the ball as far in front of front foot as possible.
  • The final phase of delivery is to not only release the ball out front, but to make sure that the finger tips finish the pitch by moving down the ball, essentially if only by figure of speech, handing the catcher the ball.
  • As a result of such a forward release of the ball and the hip rotation and leg drive of the delivery the front glove will either stay in front of the front knee or end up in a position similar to putting the glove into the pocket of the front hip as the back leg follows through and the arm reaches full follow through and deceleration.
  • Important checkpoints of delivery at endpoint should be the nose of the pitcher, bellybutton and both knees be facing the hitter essentially in ready position to field a ground ball. The throwing shoulder should finish almost in the same direction as the catcher to ensure full follow through and acceleration toward the hitter.

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