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Baseball: How to Finally Win. Every Athletes Guide to Winning

kirk gibson

How to Finally WIN!!!

  • Winning is just that. Scoring one more run than the other team. It shouldn’t be that difficult.
  • Create positive habits where success is more likely
  • Practice doing what winners do
  • Keep a positive mindset to always get better
  • Never settle after a win
  • Set individual game goals
More so winning isn’t everything, but it is something. Winning athletic competitions is in our spirit as humans. The strive to succeed is ingrained in all of us, so I felt a guide to winning could be a good start for someone that hasn’t achieved success lately. I like to look at winning as a reward for all the practice and preparation done with the goal of becoming a better baseball player. The above strategies are key assets to making winning more of a likelihood than a challenge. Write these down on a note pad and put them in your baseball bag and remind yourself often that winning is just a result of preparation, practice and hard work. Only those who do the work to win and practice the right way will be the most successful at their position and most valuable player to their team. If you aren’t a winner as a team, you can almost certainly know that you tried your best and have succeeded personally even if as a team it was a losing effort. One last reminder is that as you progress to different teams, some may win and some may lose but to win more often you as an athlete must improve and meet and exceed personal goals. By excelling in personal accomplishments you’ll be attracting yourself to winners and other team’s will look to recruit you to join them and their winning team.
 joe torre
“When we lost I couldn’t sleep at night.  When we win I can’t sleep at night.  But when you win, you wake up feeling better”    -Joe Torre  (Mets, Braves, Cardinals, Yankees Manager 1977 – 1984, 1990 to Present)

Keep it Simple Stupid: How to Hit and Pitch without Overthinking

texas longhorns“The Baseball Brain-Mental Side of the Game”

“Baseball is 50% from the neck up”   - Ted Williams

How to Hit and Pitch without Overthinking

  • Remember Baseball is a Game and not a Life or Death Situation: Have Fun
  • Relax, Focus, and Keep the game Simple: Don’t do too much
Essentially pitching and hitting can be explained as a process that can be executed in a series of steps. 
Hitting can be explained as simple as Load, Stride, Swing or Load, Dance step, Squash the bug, or even Ready, Set, Swing…
Pitching can be explained as Come Set, Lift leg, stride towards home and throw… just as long as it crosses home plate it can be called a pitch and or a strike. 
There are many other explanations for how to over analyze both pitching and hitting but most simply put..if you achieve the goal of either hitting the ball or pitching a pitch then your already half way to your goal. Relax step back from over thinking and remember that baseball is a kid’s game and meant to be played for enjoyment. At most the only detrimental thing that can happen upon failure is a little time passes and you get another chance at SWEET! GREAT! Redemption! The coolest thing about pitching and hitting is you get up to 3, 4 or 5 opportunities a game to succeed and even if not successful then you still can come out at a .500 average with success in the next game. Competition and challenging yourself shouldn’t be anything more than setting goals to better yourself and improve from where you were the day before. If you over analyze too much your thoughts can often become dense and get you down. Try to do one thing at a time and keep it simple when your opportunities to come up at bat or pitch and remember that as long as your trying your best, your doing what you can. And even if for some reason your not at your best you have teammates there to pick you up, play defense for you, or drive you in if you happen to get a walk. 

Justin Higgs: Houston Baseball Hitting Instructor Info

power swing

The best coach available in your area is the one that can provide the highest peak performance instruction to your athlete in the least amount of steps. Just like as if you were taking a road strip you would want to take the shortest path possible, so should choosing your hitting instructor. I teach a hitting philosophy that has been proven for over 30 years and was taught to my mentor by the great Reggie Sanders of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The A, B, C approach to hitting allows for the hitter to have the highest chance at contact through the strike zone in the quickest amount of steps. Since bat speed is what determines how far the ball travels it is essential that the hitter is mentally and physically prepared before he even steps into the batter’s box. That’s where an informed instructor like Justin Higgs comes in… he provides instruction through drills such as front toss, tee work, live batting practice, one arm swing drills, and even dry swings to demonstrate the correct swing. Muscle memory and hand eye coordination are key to hitting a round baseball with a round bat, therefore its is important to perform the right repetitions to be prepared each at bat. In addition to the practice drills, every rep that takes place builds muscle and overall self confidence which is key when stepping into the batter’s box. Contact and getting base hits is just as essential to a players repertoire as having solid defense in the field, but one thing that sticks out is a baseball player that can hit for power and drive in runs when it really counts. I am available to schedule your youth, teen, or adult hitting lesson and take you to the next level of your game. Whether you are a linear or rotational hitter I ensure you that I will help you improve your game in no time at all.

Houston Baseball Pro



How to “Do” Baseball in Simple Steps

astros tryout

  • Sign up for a Little League, Sports Association, or School Sports Team
  • Find out when Tryouts for Leagues that are in your area are to be scheduled
  • Post on social networks and send text messages to friends that you are interested in baseball
  • Get with a friend who is already playing and ask them to show you how to play baseball
  • Watch Baseball to Get an Idea of the Rules and Format of the Game
  • Hire a Baseball Coach /Personal Trainer to teach you the Proper Mechanics of Throwing/Hitting
  • Pick a position You would like to Play Defensively
  • Practice, Practice, Practice so when you eventually play in a game you can be prepared
  • Baseball is a Sport, so when “Doing” Baseball Have Fun and Keep it Simple

Baseball isn’t a complex game. Essentially baseball can be seen as a form of tag with the bases as safe zones. Ironically when your on a base when you are tagged by a player with a ball, the umpire is most likely to call you “SAFE”. So essentially baseball is a fun safe game than can be played at all ages and over time and progression improve drastically at different levels. The first step is to get involved in a league and find information on sign ups or tryouts. After that usually the league sends out information and practices and games are usually laid out. From here you can decide to seek professional help in the former of a personal trainer, otherwise known as a personal baseball instructor that offers private lessons. This coach will provide more emphasis on your individual game getting started as opposed to becoming lost in the team game. The point of team practices is execution on the field during game day, however when you take the position of pitcher or are hitting, essentially your in control of the game and working individually to help out the team. Overall remember baseball is fun and should be enjoyed. The more you practice, the more you will become perfect.


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Why BWAA is WRONG!!!! : Hall of Fame Voting


This is a little premature but I think we can all agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However in the case of the Baseball Writers Association of America, an opportunity is given for them to “vote” on something that some of them have never actually had any experience doing in their life: playing baseball!!!! So my take in regard to steroids (which were not tested for most of the 90′s during the “money ball” era of free agency), is that why not use them? Don’t forget that as these players careers went on and they were getting the largest contracts in the history of baseball that they were also given the best nutritionist and best personal trainers available to build them up the right workout program to perform that much better year in and year out. Guys that had careers of 10 years had these people by their side daily making sure they were better than the day before, with or without the use of steroids. If you told me that my job depended on my performance in the last year of a contract and that hitting another 10-12 home runs would make me not have to worry about money for the rest of the lifetime of my family then why wouldn’t I take the vitamin or extra stimulant, especially if your not gonna test me one way or another. In the case though of Roger Clemens, Jeff Bagwell, Barry Bonds, Brett Boone, and many many others who will be up for election in the Hall of Fame vote this year and in the coming years I must say that some of these guys just had “it” already.  Guy’s like Eric Byrne, Jacoby Ellsbury, Marco Scutaro and even Craig Biggio all made themselves great with hustle, hard work and had the luck of peaking in front of the right scouts and further being in the right place at the right time for the right team. On the other hand there were the guys with “it” caliber of talent already, you know these guys by the name of Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Nolan Ryan, and Ken Griffey Jr, all of whom had a niche of a talent with or without the use of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs).


My take is that these guys who are soon to be criticized and left off a particular ballot are just as victimized as Pete Rose has been since he was given a lifetime ban from the Hall of Fame. I feel that even guys such as Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle who were habitual drunkards were equally benefited by the use of performance enhancing drugs, even if the drug they took wasn’t a drug at all but as a pain killer such as alcohol or some kind of snake oil that was consumed for “special recovery”. Either way the times the athletes live in dictate what is “approved” by these writers of the big papers whom are given an entitlement to vote based on their career position and exemplary writing skills. My opinion is the voting needs to be updated to the “fans” of the game who should be given the biggest consideration anyhow because it was them who was there for the duration of that athletes career and witnessed first hand history being made. The fact that only particular athletes are eligible for the Hall of Fame after they retire there is only a select number of elite few that even have the opportunity for election anyhow. However just as in the presidential election it would be nice to see some kind of electoral number of votes from fans in different states that can vote impartially who are just “baseball fans” whom have played and know a little bit more about the game than just the numbers.


Baseball is America’s game therefore I don’t feel that biased writers should have the privilege to restrict greatness from being rightfully elected. In the time when Pete Rose the all time hits leader is still banned from the game, I don’t think there will be many adjustments made based on the opinions of an exclusive few. Greatness will remain great with or without special election into a fraternity in a remote region, the fan’s who witnessed the greatness will proof of that.