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Maybe you’ve been hibernating or stuck under a rock for the last 20 years, but if you haven’t you know that Roger Clemens has been playing baseball in the Major Leagues striking out hoards of hitters. Clemens equally throughout his career has helped in any capacity possible to pass down the knowledge and share with youth and minor league players information to help them prolong their major league careers. Every team Roger Clemens has been with he has been able to leave his imprint on someone. Roger Clemens has been invited by Jeff Luhnow and the Houston Astros to help coach pitchers in Spring Training in Kissimmee this year and my only thought is, why hasn’t he been doing this every year. The smartest thing the Astros could do would be to have Roger join the Astros coaching staff as a roving pitching instructor and let him do what he does naturally: make others around him better. Houston has lost a record number of games the last 2 seasons and this no doubt has a lot to do with the youth pitching and abundance of rookie pitchers within the organization. My view is for the Astros to expedite the process of winning to sooner rather than later, why not get one of the best pitchers in baseball over the course of 2 decades and let your players pick his brain to the fullest. Growing up I was always told that the only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked, or I would hear there is no stupid question as long as you get the information to your question so now I must ask…why hasn’t this been done sooner. Houston has embarrassed the city with the Astros being the laughing stalk of the Major leagues and greatly needs an upturn from being cellar dwellers. Roger Clemens has a personal services contract with the Astros and other than being “suspected” of performance enhancing drugs, he has done nothing but support the city that he grew up in. Roger Clemens is a great Houstonian and helped bring the Astros to the first and only World Series in the franchises history. I say leave him alone and let him do what he does best. Pitching.

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