Lance Berkman-Switch Hitting Greatness


Lance Berkman is the “Volunteer Assistant” for the Rice Owls currently. After seeing him for the majority of his career playing in Houston and St. Louis, I would no doubt like to see him as the designated hitter as the Astros embark new beginnings in the American League. My greatest memories of Lance were the game winning home runs he had against the Cardinals and the dominance he had over relief pitcher Ray King. I also remember the first All Star Game ever held in Houston and being in attendance as Lance hit homer after homer from the right side of the plate. Often when opposing teams would face Lance it was the usual “bring in the lefty” which forced Lance to hit from the right side of the plate of which isn’t his natural side. Still he pummeled homer after homer during that homerun derby and came in second and represented Houston nicely. Another memory I have of Lance is when my grandmother told me of him making an appearance at Baseball USA here in Houston a number of years ago. I showed up and see Lance speaking to a crowd of 200 or so youth little league players giving his testimony about God and among other things, hitting. He explained how one of the simplest things such as hitting off a batting tee could produce the greatest of results and how it helped him to adjust to being a switch hitter. He also told us how his dad pretty much forced him to practice hours after hours at the skill of hitting right handed and how Lance years later appreciated it greatly that he had developed the asset/tool. So as the new year is upon us I’d like to see the Houston Astros sort of bring in a little of the old and give Lance Berkman an opportunity to get a few at bats in the young line up and provide a little leadership, just as Bagwell and Biggio did when he was developing. Berkman came back from knee surgery with the Cardinals and pummeled 30 home runs and got a game saving hit in the World Series to help the Cardinals win a ring. Now I’d like to see him captivate Astros fans one more season. Thanks for reading… Whats your favorite Lance Berkman memory? Reply and comment. Feel free to share.

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