In the Spotlight- Jeff Bagwell HOF???


jeffbagwellhofJeff Bagwell is in the second year of eligibility for the Hall of Fame. This year Jeff could possibly be elected alongside fellow teammate Craig Biggio. If this happens it will be epic and to my knowledge the first time teammates who spent their entire career with the same team get elected on the same ballot. Jeff Bagwell came to the Astros in one of the worst trade deadlines in Major League history in exchange for Larry Anderson. The time Jeff Bagwell spent in Houston after that was pretty much busy making history. Jeff started his career in Houston by winning the Rookie of the Year and went on to accumulate 449 home runs and sustain a .297 batting average over the rest of his long tenured career in Houston. Even battling an arthritic shoulder where he could barely throw a ball from first base to home plate, Jeff got a hit in the World Series off of Chicago Whitesox closer Bobby Jenks. In an era where talent at first base around the league Jeff stood out for his grind and hustle at first base and his power at the plate. Despite playing a large number of games in the confines of the Astrodome where the outfield fence was very deep, Jeff stood out and was a leader for the Astros for a greater part of the decade of the 90′s. I’m hoping Jeff makes it into the Hall of Fame along side Craig Biggio as it would be epic to have two of the greatest Houston icons represented. He has my vote. Thanks for reading and please share.

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