How to Use Offspeed Pitches to Hinder Timing: Mound Success

How to Use Offspeed Pitches to Hinder Timing

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  • Pitching is a Mental Chess Match of Energy Hitter vs. Pitcher
  • What Change Up is Best
Many pitches can be used to follow a good fastball and can essentially be labeled as change ups. Splitfinger fastballs, palm balls, circle change and forkballs are common offspeed pitches that can deter and offset the balance of a hitter who is predicting a high velocity fastball. The best change up is the one that a hitter isn’t suspecting. Throw change ups following fastballs and never throw a predicatable change up. 
  • Good fastballs, Make Better Change Ups
Whether you start most hitters off with a fastball or curveball, a good change up is one that the hitter doesn’t know is coming. If the majority of your strike pitches are fastballs or curveballs, a change up could be a good alternative to getting a much needed strikeout. Even if you follow a hard slider or curve with a change up, a fastball should always be an option for coming to save the day. The consistent offspeed or movement of pitches is a great recipe for a strikeout with a good high or low fastball. 
  • Change Ups: Not for Strikes

changeup grip

Since a pitcher has more than one chance at strikeing out a hitter often times a good strategy is to throw change ups for balls right after a consistent number of fastballs for strikes. Using pitches such as a circle change which can dive down and inside to a hitter at a slower velocity can often cause hitters to strike out more often. 
Some of the greatest pitchers have made their careers based on having great change ups. Trevor Hoffman the All Times Save leader made his bread and butter pitch a flutterball which he used when he no longer had a commanding fastball. Johan Santana threw a No Hitter with the New York Mets and was infamous for his famous change up and keeping hitters off balance with his left handed pitching and commanding control of his change up. Nolan Ryan no doubt one of the greatest pitchers in history also used the circle change to compliment his curveball and fastball and there is no doubt that the change up helped him in his quest as the alltime strikeout leader and pitcher of 7 no hitters. 
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