Glove Relacing Repair

Simply put we will relace your baseball glove for $30.00 (Trapeze style $40.00)

This cost covers the lace usually 3-4 dollars per lace and labor. (Most gloves require 3-4)

You send us your glove and we will ship it back as soon as possible relaced or repaired. You pay for return shipping as well. Most gloves take 3-5 hours of time to relace and without the right tools can be a very stressful project. Let us relace your glove and get it back to you game ready asap. If you would like a partial relace we can work with you on the price. Send us an email to and we can give you a quote. We are located in Houston, Texas. We accept payment through paypal. The cost of return shipping is up to the buyer.

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