Why Baseball Lessons: FAQ

There comes a time to make a decision to outsource coaching expertise to an athletic trainer who can simply “teach” a skill or art a little bit better. You wouldn’t hire a painter to build the most sturdy fence…so why would you leave it up to “The Daddy Ball Coach” who works a 9 to 5 to teach your athlete the right way to hit a baseball. Leave it up to a baseball professional who knows how to teach hitting, pitching, fielding and all the rest of the aspects of the game and let your youth player excel like a pro on the ball-field. In the long run I assure you the return on investment is well worth it in the future educational potential, higher # of relationships built in sports and friends made, and in potential future career opportunities!!!

Here is the breakdowns.
Average cost of an hour private instruction session 50-100 Dollars
Cost per minute per session is usually around 1.00

Lets say that your future bigleager starts getting lessons at age 10 and on avg.
-has 1 session a week for 30 weeks a year @ 50 per session = $1500 per year
-has 2 sessions a week for 30 weeks a year @ 50 per session =$3000 per year
Most select ball organizations charge about 100-130 per month @ 12 months = $1200- $1560

So from age 10 to age 16 your investment insures one on one private instruction through little league, minors and majors levels of baseball, and prepares your athlete for the high competition of the “high school tryout” which is detrimental to your athlete having a chance to play college or professional baseball. At a low ball figure investment of $6000 over the course of those 6 years your athlete gains confidence and improves every session with a trainer and becomes essentially the most fine tuned athlete on the ball field at not even what it would cost to buy your athlete his first car.

Now consider the price of college education at a Community College or Division 1 school. With the ever increasing rate the minimum cost per semester could range from $2200 just for classes at a local community college to $4000 to $8000 at a larger brand name college, and thats just in the first year and if you can even get in a high gpa.

By taking private lessons with a baseball instructor with the know how to make your athlete the best he could possibly be your athlete will make the high school team, and put up higher stats, reduce errors, throw harder and become a more likely candidate to get recruited to a college scholarship and essentially be having fun playing baseball while attaining a college degree. Over the course of a 4 year degree by scholarship over $40,000 dollars in tuition expenses, cost of living, and food and shelter could be saved and your athlete can get publicized name recognition and have a chance to get drafted into professional baseball. So having invested $6000 dollars into a private instructor we can now see is minimal in comparison to the doors it potentially opens as your athlete progresses through his education. But how about when he finishes his scholarship and college career and now has a chance to make money doing what he loves…AKA Going PRO!!!

Now let’s just consider that from age 10 when you hired the baseball instructor and he taught your little leaguer to hit both right and left handed and identified that your player was a left handed thrower. This is the top sought after utility player. Someone that can be a left handed pitcher and hit against right and left handed pitchers. And or your athlete is just a right handed pitcher and can throw 90 mph, hits for average, and limits his fielding errors due to thousands of repetitions in private instruction. Draft time, your athlete is now in demand.

Here is a break down of signing bonuses per round if your athlete gets drafted:
1st Round: 2 million to 10 million
6th Round: $232,167
9th Round:$158,611
10th Round: $112,600
Thats 30 Draft Picks Per Round and 300 athletes drafted
Consider that every year your athlete is in college that he has the potential to be selected based on his talent.

For further reading about the topic of is it worth it to invest in a trainer here is more evidence that the cost of perfecting the skill of baseball with a private trainer essentially becomes priceless.


1. What age is it best to start my athlete with private instruction?

A. Actually there is no specific age to begin training. My opinion, the earlier the better. As soon as you feel your future ballplayer can communicate and interpret following directions the sooner they can start learning how to throw a baseball, balance, and hit the right way. This starts with finding natural dominance of arm strength, finding out what hand a player throws with, and training the body the right way to perform baseball movements and mechanics.

2. What usually takes place during a private lesson?

A. Usually a private lesson involves an active warm up of exercises to elevate the athletes body to get ready for active baseball activities. Some agility exercises and stretches will be done, then we begin focus on working on whatever aspect of the game we aim to improve. The session can be split into fielding ground balls, defensive drills, hitting drills, throwing drills or conditioning… or a combination of everything.

3. How do I get started….

A. Simply contact Justin Higgs a baseball instructor with professional expertise to schedule a time for a session and start your athlete on his path to success. 832-814-9887.

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