Hey Bill Buckner Please Read!!! BOSOX


billbucknerBill Buckner the guy who let Red Sox Nation down in the World Series became infamous for not getting his butt down on that ground ball in game The baseball itself also later became famous eventually selling in auction to Charlie Sheen the winning bidder who paid $93,000 dollars for the ball. 2 things made famous for one simple common mistake often made by infielders when fielding ground balls. Number 1 priority when fielding a ground ball is find the direct route to where the ball is headed and GET BEHIND THE BALL!!!! Buckner did not get behind the ball and instead let the topspin roller dictate where it was headed on its own. Its much easier to “read” a ground ball if you are behind the ball and with your butt down so that you can push through the ball when making a play on it. I can see it now, Buckner sees the ball…makes a dive and lays down in front of the ball, ball is blocked by Buckners body and he grabs the ball and underhands it to the pitcher who came to cover the bag….OUT! And the game is over. Funny thing though, if that had happened just how much awareness would we have been about getting your butt down and getting behind the ball? I salute Buckner and “he gave it his best shot, and came up a Buck short!” You can’t go back and change history, but you can learn from his mistake and 1. Get behind the ball and 2. keep your butt down and field the ground ball in front of your body. Thanks Buckner!

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